Rainwater Harvesting

rainwater_harvesting_mainvisRainwater harvesting is a great way to conserve water and save money on landscaping bills. It helps reduce run-off, erosion and demand for the existing water supply.

Rather than letting rainwater run-off, it is accumulated and used for gardening and irrigation. This method can help reduce your water bill substantially, and system installation requires minimal skill.

A rainwater harvesting system can vary in size and level of complexity. The components of a simple system are listed below:

1. Collection Area {Roof}
2. Water Capture {Gutters & downspouts}
3. Distribution {Bucket, hose, pump}
4. Filter {Optional}
5. Storage {Container, barrel, tank}

With a simple system like this, rainwater from rooftops can be directed to gardens and/or caught in rain barrels to use later.

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