Add Beauty & Save Water with The Mighty Leucadendron

leucadendron_salignumThe drought-tolerant Leucadendron is the perfect plant for adding striking, and lasting character to your garden, while keeping your water bill down.

With over 80 species, these natives of South Africa, can be shrubs or small, upright, erect trees.

Usually growing 3-4′ tall, some species {like Safari Sunshine} reach 6-8′. A few {like Silver Tree} can grow 25-30′ high.

The fascinating Leucadendron’s leaves are elliptical, sometimes needle-like spirals, green in color with a waxy texture.

It’s colorful, durable, coned flowers appear in dense clusters at the branch tips, and range from reddish orange to yellow and silver.

With a long bloom lasting from winter into spring, Leucadendron also makes a great-looking, long-lasting cut flower for enjoying indoors.

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