Unlicensed Contractors Actually Cost More.

cslb_logoUsing unlicensed contractors can be risky, and often cost more than using a licensed contractor. Sometimes a lot more.

Consumers are protected by California law, which requires that a contractor must have a license for any project costing over $500 if the work falls in a class set by Contractors State License Board.

While injuries to a licensed contractor’s employees are covered, releasing you from liability, injury to an unlicensed contractor’s employee leaves you liable.

If an unlicensed contractor performs incomplete or faulty work, or doesn’t do the work to code, fixing it will likely be your financial responsibility.

Take the following steps to protect yourself when hiring contractors.

1. Check the contractor’s reviews on Angie’s List, Home Advisor and Yelp.

2. Determine if contractors must be licensed to perform the job at the Contractors State License Board’s website.

3. Ask for the contractor’s trade license number {not their business number), and proof of bonding and insurance. Make sure all are current and cover your project. Keep a copy of each for your records.

4. Verify the information with your state’s licensing board. Make sure your contractors’ licenses are valid and current.

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