Hummingbirds Love Hot Lips.

hotlips_mainvisNeeding very little water, Hot Lips Sage originates in the sunny, dry mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. Its two-toned white with a red lip-shape band gives it its common name.

Also known as Graham’s Sage, Baby Sage or Blackcurrant Sage, the vibrant color, blackcurrant aroma and sweet nectar of salvia microphylla are favorites of hummingbirds, attracting them throughout the year.

Excellent when planted in containers or used as borders, they can grow 3-5′ tall and wide. Great as cut flowers, their ‘blackcurrant’ fragrance is exquisite when crushed.

Thriving in the summer heat with little shade, low-maintenance Hot Lips Sage is an great plant for attracting hummingbirds to your drought-tolerant garden.

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