How Many Days a Week Should I Water?

irrigation3_mainvisSeveral factors influence a good watering schedule, and with summer upon us it’s a good time to make necessary adjustments. Here are some of the factors that affect an irrigation schedule.

* During the hottest part of the year {June through September} your lawn may need 1.5 to 2 inches of water weekly.

* Cool-season grasses {like dwarf fescue} need more frequent watering since their root systems aren’t as extensive. Give them 2-3 equal waterings, spaced out evenly through the week. {3-4 days/week during summer}.

* Slopes or areas with shallow soils need shorter, more frequent irrigations.

* Sandy Soils require less frequent watering, but for longer time intervals. Clay soils require more frequent watering, for shorter amounts of time.

Observe a cycle from the start until the time at which runoff begins. That is the maximum time your sprinklers should run at a time. Space out the waterings evenly during the week. In extreme runoff situations, multiple start times may be necessary.

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