Pruning Fruit Trees.

Pruning should be performed a minimum of three times a year. This limits growth (and/or weight), increases air flow, and keeps trees in a natural, controlled shape.

* Cut out weak, broken, dead & diseased branches.

* Remove the least desirable looking branches in places where they cross or closely parallel each other.

* Carefully thin overall. This permits the entrance of sunlight and air.

* Use sharp tools and make close, clean cuts. Avoid leaving large stubs, which may encourage decay and/or insects.

* Prune moderately. Over-pruning can upset the balance between wood growth and fruitfulness.

* Prune that part of the tree where more growth is desired. This is important with older trees. New growth will be stimulated only in the parts of the tree that are pruned. Keep pruning to a minimum where growth is not desired.

* Trim branch endings to shape overall outer contour of tree.

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